hey guys I’m back with another video
before I start I want to tell someone that I know that views all of my videos
I have not forgot about doing the video where you want me to do a juice video
and show you the process from beginning to end I have not forgot you I just need
to figure out how I’m gonna set the camera and also not boy you guys with
the whole preparation of you know the prepping and the you know juice and the
straining of the juice I want to make sure that I set it up so that you can
see all the angles do you don’t miss anything and you see exactly from start
to finish what I do every day when I prep my juice is whether it’s for a day
or for a week or whatever how I do it well three days is the most that I would
use 72 hours I don’t drink I’m drinking juices over
for days because the nutrients and all the vital vital things that are in the
juice to me from what I’ve been told and what I believe are taking out the juices
but anyways make that to be known I haven’t forgot you but I was reading
this message somebody had left for me and they were asking me what foods when
I had gained my weight caused me to become overweight I don’t like to stay
fat and I’m gonna tell you when I started gaining weight I started
noticing that it wasn’t the whole foods that I was eating because I was eating
salads and drinking in replace of soda soda or any fruit juices I stopped
drinking sodas completely years ago I would drink water as my heart from my
hydration and I never drank any juice or soda once in a while I would become
cranberry juice and that was for to plan you know my liver and kidneys keep those
you know once in a while get it for that reason and also because I like the taste
of cranberry juice but for the most part I drank my water and I felt like I’d
rather get my calories in my food my solid foods then in liquids so I took
away sodas and any sweet products while I was eating and I always ate my meals
with water so that when I was doing the right thing is one reason I maintain my
weight for many and many over twelve years before and to be it to be exact I
maintain my weight from the last time I gained weight which was in 2001 because
that’s when September 11th happened I keep saying it was in 2000 but it was
2001 September 11th happened on when they went through the towers in the
airplane all that craziness um so I maintain my weight after I lost the
weight for thirteen years and that was implement and very little things like
just taken away the soda and the juices and just drinking water when I was
thirsty or while I was eating a meal having the water there in place of the
the soda and the juice but what made me start to gain weight wasn’t the food
that I was cooking because like I said I ate a lot of salads with my meals and I
made a lot of whole foods I went to butcher shops and got my um my beef and
my chicken and fish shops to get my fish and all that stuff and I would make my
own meals I didn’t do a lot of fast food of anything I’ve always made home-cooked
cold meals and there was a point where I also cut back on my sodium intake of
course now that I’m on my juice cleanse I cut back even more on my sodium intake
but what caused me to gain the weight was the snacking and the snacking all
through the day including the two big meals that I would
eat which was probably pretty much a lunch in the dinner
I wouldn’t say big they were big but they were I would eat to our satisfied
but the snacking in between the meals or before the first meal and I was eating
processed foods like chips my favorite thing chips popcorn you know and then
sometime when I had like a sweet tooth it would be processed packaged desserts
you know little snacks package box snacks or crackers and cheese I mean it
wasn’t the cheese that was making me fat it was the process crackers and stuff
like that that helped me gain the weight so yes that’s what helped me gain the
weight was the snacking and the snacking of the processed foods okay because you
can snack on foods during the day but it depends on what you’re snacking on so I
would say that what caused my weight gain was snacking of course but what I
was snacking on was the processed foods so processed foods is what initially
that I was snacking on that made me start to gain weight so I hope that
answered your question and I hope that answers a lot of other people’s
questions I think that’s what all our problems lie in is snacking people are
snacking on the wrong things now if we implement maybe a juice something like
this yep I still have this here you know Whole Foods like that yes they have
carbs in them but they’re good carbs in their carbs that the body can break down
that’s almost smoothie smoothie send me a more like the desserts if you’re
trying to put in place like a vanilla shape or strawberry shake or chocolate
shake make a healthy smoothie you know that’s how I look at smoothies they’re
more for like when you want to have a rewarding but healthy but you want to
have a dessert type of a meal that’s when you do the smoothies but I’m Tom
I’ll juicing in place of your sodas and your juices do a fresh juice buy a
juicer and eat whole foods like fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds and
you know like a trail mix and that will help you when you are snacking in
between meals not gain weight so with all that man said please subscribe to
the channel like and share this video and make it a favorite and I’ll see you
guys in the next video bye for now