ये पैकेट आपको बीमारी दे रहा है II This Packet Giving You Disease

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Ankit Singh from Bhind Muraina He says that he’s addicted to Maggie, unless he eats maggie he don’t like anything and feel fuller So what should I do for this? First of all we should understand that how come we came to know that […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Discussed By Glendale, AZ Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

Sleep apnea is very commonly occurring in our society and diagnosed, and people are becoming more aware of its negative affects on our health. There are a number of ways that it can be treated. What we’re trying to do is keep the airway open during sleep because an apnea by definition is just when […]

Living with Type 2 Diabetes – Terry’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center

my name is Terry Lee Moore type 2 diabetic individual. I got diabetes after age 40 when I gave up drinking and smoking. company doctor and company nurse check us over. Doctor said, “Terry you’re spilling sugar.” I said, really? I just had some coffee.. I was making jokes, but I went to the doctor […]

Overweight – Eating Disorder Video with Kati Morton Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! | Kati Morton

Hi everyone, this weeks video I want to address a topic that has gotten a lot of heat and a lot of people have brought it up and are concerned about it and I know that many of you still worry about it and you think and you ponder and you ARGH We get stressed […]