FtBCON: Of Spoons and Skepticism: Skeptics Talk About Chronic Pain

Spoons and Skepticism Skeptics Talk About Chronic Pain, and for today for this session Chana Messinger is our moderator and I am going to turn the session directly over to her. Thank you so much, Stephanie. Hi, everyone who’s watching and welcome to all of the panelists. So my name is Chana Messinger. I just […]

UCSF Psychiatry Grand Rounds – Sugar, Hormones, and Addiction

Good Morning. It’s a pleasure this morning to be able to introduce Dr. Rob Lustig who is a Neuroendocrinologist in the department and a Professor of Pediatrics in, here at UCSF. Dr Lustig was born in Brooklyn, went to MIT for undergrad, medical school at St. Louis University. Oh, residency, medical school at Cornell and […]

Detox Cleanse : How to Detox your Internal Organs Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 266

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today I’m going to share with you what’s going on internally in our bodies and what your body may be telling you that you need to detox and get those toxins out. We’re going to be talking with Lucy today and Lucy’s my sidekick and […]

SAVING THE NEIGHBOR WITH OPEN HEART SURGERY?! | Hello Neighbor Mobile Game Rip Off (Heart Surgery)

[Captions by Y Translator] We are a cardiac surgeon today. Let’s get into it. And let’s try not to kill the neighbor. Although, maybe we have some some kind of ulterior motive and maybe we’ll accidentally slip up in the surgery and the neighbor will end up dead. But that’s kind of mean. Hello everybody. […]