UCSF Psychiatry Grand Rounds – Sugar, Hormones, and Addiction

Good Morning. It’s a pleasure this morning to be able to introduce Dr. Rob Lustig who is a Neuroendocrinologist in the department and a Professor of Pediatrics in, here at UCSF. Dr Lustig was born in Brooklyn, went to MIT for undergrad, medical school at St. Louis University. Oh, residency, medical school at Cornell and […]

Diabetes Diet Guidelines : The Exchange Method for Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Hi, I’m Brenda Thompson, registered dietitian and owner of Life Skills Nutrition. This segment I’m going to talk about the exchanged method for meal planning to control blood sugars. The exchange list, the exchange method excuse me, historically is the most popular approach to controlling blood sugars in diabetes. It also has been used to […]

These 5 Foods Are Killing Your Kidneys – Shockingly Dangerous Foods for Kidney Health

Oh I love doing grocery hauls! And today’s video is going to be really interesting! Let’s see what’s inside This doesn’t look so good In the bags you see here with me, ranked from fifth to first, you will find the most unhealthy and most dangerous foods people eat every day. We’re talking about this […]