Dr. Roeder on Sleep Apnea Treatment at Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care in Quakertown, PA

Sleep is very important to our health. If we don’t get a good night’s sleep it can affect many aspects of our life. Sleep apnea can be dangerous. Snoring can be as kind of sleep apnea. My wife for years complaining about my snoring every single morning I would get up. She’s not rested right […]

Getting to Sleep and Staying Asleep (A Better Night’s Sleep Podcast)

[Dr. Julie Kinn] This is “A Better Night’s Sleep,” a podcast about sleep, sleep disorders, and evidence-based treatment from military health sleep experts. I’m Dr. Julie Kinn with the Defense Health Agency. [Col. Brian Robertson] And I’m Col. Brian Robertson, Chief of Sleep Medicine at Walter Reed. [Kinn] Col. Robertson, we’ve talked about a lot […]

What is Insomnia – Diagnosis and Treatments

My name is Rachel Salas. I’m a sleep neurologist, board-certified in both specialties. I’m Dr. Virginia Runco. I’m a Johns Hopkins behavioral sleep medicine specialist. Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, poor sleep quality or some kind of combination of those symptoms. And, we all have a night of bad sleep from here […]

How To Sleep Better Tips And Tricks Of Dealing With Apnea Disorders Psychology Facts

Do you want to know How To Sleep Better Tips And Tricks Of Dealing With Apnea Disorders Psychology Facts? Are you trying to get rid of sleep issues a short while? Sit still, stay tuned and watch this YouTube video to the end for real answers. Welcome once again with Injibs Cosmets and hoping that […]

Insomnia: The Different Kinds & A Few Solutions | Sadhguru

Questioner: Could you please say something about insomnia? I’ve been suffering insomnia for nearly six years. So, could you give me some feasible instructions? Sadhguru: Insomnia may be occurring for various reasons. There are some people who are sleeping well but they don’t know that they are sleeping well (Laughs). There are some people who […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment at Advanced Dental Concepts – Dr. David Miller Roseville, CA Dentist

I’ve been treating snoring and sleep apnea now since 1989. That was the year that I made my first snoring appliance, and I’ve been treating patients with sleep disorder breathing and snoring problems since—continuously since 1989. Sleep disorder breathing is very common. It’s probably an epidemic in this country. Minimally, 20 to 30% of the […]

FAQ – Why should I choose Glisten Dental to treat my sleep apnea? | Glisten Dental

Dr. Angie Nauman: If you think you’re suffering from sleep apnea or are concerned because you’re snoring, it’s very important to go to a dentist that is experienced in treating sleep apnea, someone who knows what they’re doing, someone who’s been trained thoroughly and has years of experience under their belt. I am board certified […]