Reversing Diabetes with Surgery

“Reversing Diabetes with Surgery” Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery (RYGB) is one of the most successful treatment strategies for diabetes accompanying morbid obesity. Long-term diabetes remission rates of 83% have been reported. These findings have led to the suggestion that the surgery improves diabetes by somehow altering digestive hormones, but this interpretation ignores the fact that […]

Can Vinegar Help with Blood Sugar Control?

“Can Vinegar Help with Blood Sugar Control?” A double blind placebo-controlled randomized study found that body weight and belly fat were significantly reduced adding just a single tablespoon of vinegar to one’s daily diet, but is there any benefit to vinegar consumption if you’re not overweight? Well, their triglycerides normalized, and on the two tablespoons […]

Diet Fatty Liver Disease – Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

Diet Fatty Liver Disease – Reverse Fatty Liver Disease Hi my name is Dorothy Spencer Bsn rn and my Years of Clinical Practice Working very Closely With Fatty Liver and Liver Cirrhosis Patients has Given Me the Opportunity to gain some Crucial Knowledge and Experience To Help patients Stop the Progression of Liver Damage Dissolve […]