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Have you heard of any 79 year-old man with normal diabetes, normal blood sugar level, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol level. Very rare, right? (Yes) My name is Kanita. I am from Seremban but I live and work in PJ. My father is the 79 year-old man I talked about just now. In 1997, he […]

These 5 Foods Are Killing Your Kidneys – Shockingly Dangerous Foods for Kidney Health

Oh I love doing grocery hauls! And today’s video is going to be really interesting! Let’s see what’s inside This doesn’t look so good In the bags you see here with me, ranked from fifth to first, you will find the most unhealthy and most dangerous foods people eat every day. We’re talking about this […]

Dr David Nye on the dangers of statins and the cholesterol controversy

I’m very fortunate to have Dr David Nye here with us again today. Welcome. Thank you. Dr Nye is an integrative medical practitioner and we’ve had you on the channel before. I’d like to talk to you about a controversy today: cholesterol and the use of statins. So many people are on statins. It’s a […]