Fasting With Diabetes ( রোজায় ডায়াবেটিস রোগিরা কি করবেন)

assalamualaikum viewer, welcome to my channel After getting some email queries, i am making a detailed 2nd past regarding fating in ramadan team rujubee parabola rahimuddin jquery goulash a legal Umbra atactic or a clear before clearing question, i want to let you know who can fast and who should not fast a carbonyl a […]

What To Eat What Not To Eat in Keto Diet | Keto Diet | Juggun Kazim | What is Keto Diet?

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14 Habits That Could Be Stopping You From Losing Weight

14 Habits That Could Be Stopping You From Losing Weight You’ve been trying to lose weight as efficiently and quickly as possible, yet nothing works. You think you’ve covered all the basics like cutting out fast food, reducing fat intake and skipping dessert. But now, you’re starting to think that maybe you’re doing something wrong. […]