The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change

This Lancet Commission, which started out as a Commission on obesity and followed on from two previous Lancet Series on obesity, is taking a very different approach from previous attempts to address this important risk factor for human health. Obesity is often framed as an issue of personal responsibility, such as people don’t exercise enough, […]

(Kor, Eng Sub)10 principles of diet for Autoimmune disease [4] Cut sugar to cut inflammation

Hi everyone, I am health fairy Doctor Chang kil Yoo. Today I will explain the fourth principle of diet for rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases. number 4 Cut sugar to cut inflammation. If I take a look at patients who suffer from rheumatism or lupus, many of them often enjoyed sweets before being diagnosed. For […]

It’s Time to Change Your Relationship with Food (Former Obese Person)

if you really want to keep the weight off you need to change your attitude around food. Let’s get into it. hey everybody and welcome back to another episode of walk with me this is josh here and today we’re talking about mental shifts that need to happen during your weight loss for a long-term […]

Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity by Laura Villanueva the objectives of this presentation are to demonstrate the effects that childhood obesity can happen a case study patient to discuss the risk factors associated with the development overweight and obesity and adolescents by presenting an obesity case study to provide education and nutritional recommendations to help corrupt the case […]