How a garden can help grow healthy kids and reduce obesity | Erin Guerricabeitia | TEDxBoise

Translator: Lisa Rodriguez Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I have three children. And sometimes, I feel like I have been through the trenches. I have caught puke in my own two hands, which is disgusting. I have run for hours behind a bike seat, bent over, holding on, just waiting to let go. And I’ve […]

Feeding Our Future: Family Nutrition and the Obesity Epidemic with Maya Adam

So I just wanna begin by telling you that I’m also a Stanford alum. And as was already mentioned by Harsha, I came to Stanford after a ten year career in this professional ballet. I think my parents were absolutely horrified. They’re both academics, they could not understand what have gone wrong that I had […]

Health Matters: What is the whole systems approach to obesity programme?

So the whole systems approach to obesity is an attempt to take systems science that works and it’s been used elsewhere and translate it into a context with local government and their partners can actually make changes on obesity not just at the individual behavioural level but in some of the kind of system level […]

Unhealthy Food Cook Off

We are at our unhealthy greasy cook-off [Music] What we have here for you is Doritos, beef mixed with Cheddar cheese, soup, more cheese Another layer of Doritos and some cheese [Music] It’s delicious [Music] Sausage, butter, mayonnaise, butter, mushrooms diced up, garlic, butter, and mayonnaise [Music] Delicious [Music] Peanut butter, and butter, and jelly, […]