Obesity leads to decreases in physical activity over time

Our research shows that there seems to be a cycle. Individuals gain weight and as they gain weight, they become less physically active. There’s a lot of emotions and a lot of thought that go into our behavior, especially exercise behavior. Perhaps the most important idea, though, is that when we become sedentary, we gain […]

Are Artificial Sweeteners Unhealthy? (Effects of Aspartame)

The big debate of artificial sweeteners have never been as big as it is today. Artificial sweeteners have been deemed dangerous for your health after heavy fear-mongering and links to problems ranging from headaches to cancer. And the one artificial sweetener that has taken the most assault is aspartame. The people that have already heard […]

Keto Diet: Learn About Ketogenic Diet Types & Use in Obesity

Ketogenic diet is also known as keto diet Keto in ketogenic signifies ketones and genic signifies Genesis or production classically ketogenic diet has been used for the treatment of epilepsy in the patients but recently ketogenic diet has been successfully tried in the treatment of obesity there are four types of ketogenic diets classic ketogenic […]

Plus-size model are fuelling obesity crisis by “normalising” being overweight – Daily News

 The rise in plus-size fashion ranges and models is fuelling the obesity crisis by “normalising” being overweight, experts suggest  They found the number of people underestimating their size has grown alongside the body-positivity movement  Analysis showed 58% of overweight men thought in 2015 they were slimmer than they really were, up from 48% in 1997 […]

Should Your Employer Punish You for Being Unhealthy?

I’m Gabe Garza with today’s health news. Could being rewarded by an employer for healthy behavior actually lead to failure? A new study from the University of Pennsylvania has found that financial rewards for healthy behavior might not cut it-but financial punishments might do the trick when it comes to keeping employees healthy. Researchers gave […]