What are Diet-Related Disorders? – Diabetes, Obesity and Coeliac Disease Explained

CHANTAL BUI VIET: Right at this moment, one in every six people across the world is suffering from hunger. One in six. That’s over a billion people, a thousand million men, women and children who don’t get enough to eat on most days. Then there’s the rest of us. About one person in five from […]

ENG) 다이어트 브이로그 👊🏻 ABC주스, Diet Vlog 식단, 운동 루틴 ft. 마이다노

Diet. It’s been 100 days since it started. Like I’m proud. I will make abc juice which is very famous in Korea these days. Abc juice is very effective in getting rid of the visceral fat Mix carrots, apples, and beets. I’ll make a mugwortyogurt ball. I put in some mugwort powder, banana, blueberry and […]