Every 1 welcome: thinking differently about type 1 diabetes | Lucinda McGroarty | TEDxECUAD

Translator: Mizuki Deguchi Reviewer: Peter van de Ven When I was ten years old, I was rushed by ambulance from our family cottage to the nearby hospital. Within a few minutes of entering the Emergency, they did a simple blood test, and moments later I was told by a kind doctor, “You have type 1 […]

YOUR BRAIN CANCER KILLER!! Monday Morning Motivation! Connect with YOURSELF, your FAMILY, your GOD!

Scot Pekarek your brain cancer KILLER with your Monday morning motivation so I am standing here For a run this morning back on the trails We’re not letting uh cancer slow us down anymore, we’re not letting us just uh, Run my life, but you know, I had this some thought, you know so much […]

What Happens To Body When You Eat 1 Handful Of Walnuts Every Day! Dr Michael Greger

A recent study has found that eating just 1 handful of walnuts a day may prevent heart disease and bowel cancer. Researchers found that eating a handful of nuts 42g which is roughly a third of a cup’s worth of walnuts for six weeks significantly reduces the production of excess bile acids, as well as […]