The Spillover Effect Links Obesity to Diabetes

The Spillover Effect Links Obesity to Diabetes Free fatty acids – meaning free fat circulating in the bloodstream, not packaged into triglycerides – results in inflammation: toxic fat breakdown products and oxidative stress, which can gum up the insulin receptor pathway and lead to insulin resistance in our muscles. And insulin resistance is what causes […]

This Common Food Is 7x More Addictive Than Cocaine & Heroin

Today’s topic is super important and so, I’m going to get right to it. There have been various studies showing how addictive sugar is. Some even suggesting that sugar is 7x more addictive than cocaine and even heroin. In fact, if sugar is combined with another food type or macronutrient, it’s even MORE addictive… and […]

Take Diabetes to Heart: Linking Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

NARRATOR: Take diabetes to heart – linking diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Meet Michelle. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, and in her spare time she loves to cook and catch up on her favorite shows. She also has diabetes. And like many people with diabetes, she doesn’t know there’s a link between diabetes and […]

Living with Type 2 Diabetes – Terry’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center

my name is Terry Lee Moore type 2 diabetic individual. I got diabetes after age 40 when I gave up drinking and smoking. company doctor and company nurse check us over. Doctor said, “Terry you’re spilling sugar.” I said, really? I just had some coffee.. I was making jokes, but I went to the doctor […]