Plus-size Pole Dancer Is Beating Obesity One Spin At A Time

EDA: Pole dancing makes me feel confident and strong, sexy, sensual, all of it. 00:12
COMM: Eda Marbury is turning her life around, one spin on the pole at a time. Just two years
ago she couldn’t bear to look in the mirror. But now she’s an internet sensation, inspiring
thousands around the world. 00:26
EDA: I wanted to put my story out there and put my videos out there for other people to
see and to try to gain inspiration from and to realise that they’re not alone and that
there’s a community for them. 00:37
EDA: Growing up my relationship with my body wasn’t very healthy because I was anorexic
from seventh grade all the way ’till college. I just didn’t eat and then I would prepare
food and pretend like I was going to eat it and convince myself that I was sick, and then
I just wouldn’t eat any of it. 00:53
COMM: After meeting her husband Terrik in college Eda began to eat again but her relationship
with food spiralled out of control. She soon weighed 380lbs, and her confidence plummeted 01:06
EDA: I was a very closed off person and I didn’t really discuss a lot of the issues
that was going on in my life. I was in denial about my weight because I just refused to
believe that I had gained that much weight. 01:18
EDA: That mindset prevented me from doing a lot of things like going to concerts with
Terrik or like going to baseball games, I just didn’t want to go anywhere around people. 01:29
COMM: It was then Eda decided she needed to turn her life around and began pole dancing.
After just a few weeks she was hooked, and so far she has lost 65lbs. 01:38
EDA: I was afraid at first of people laughing at me and making fun of me because I didn’t
want people to discourage me, but once I started going and the weight fell off I felt more
confident about what I was doing and it didn’t matter what people were going to say. 01:53
TERRIK: When she first started pole dancing I told her great, go ahead and do it because
I wanted you to get out and get active. From the first day she’s always enjoyed it, she
always has fun and now she actually has a really big group of friends that she always
enjoys to go work out with. 02:08
CHELSIE: Since Eda started pole dancing I’ve noticed that she’s a lot more confident and
then she’s also just a lot of fun to be around in general. 02:15
JENNIFER: It’s just really been amazing to see her grow, we’ve seen her physical changes,
we’ve seen the emotional changes. I’ve seen just her personality change. She was always
an outgoing and fun girl but now she is just really living life to the fullest. 02:28
EDA: It’s changed me in my everyday life, in my marriage, in my job. I’m a lot more
confident, I’m happier, I love the way I look, I look in the mirror more often, I take more
time on myself. I don’t say no to a lot of things anymore. 02:45
COMM: And when Eda decided to share her dancing on Facebook, nothing could have prepared her
for the reaction. 02:51
EDA: Some of the negativity I’ve received was that I am unhealthy and that I should
lose weight before I start posting videos and that I don’t love myself. Somebody told
me I should commit suicide. 03:01
EDA: Here’s a good one. Great every time I hear this song now I think of this ghastly
attention seeking video and your talentless fat butt doing nothing of any use or skill
around a pole that’s barely stable in a hideously decorated room. What exactly are you trying
to prove. 03:21
TERRIK: I wish people would just read on your videos and not just talk. 03:26
COMM: However the majority of comments have been supportive. 03:30
EDA: I’ve gotten and overwhelming amount of messages from people telling me their story
as well as people pouring in, commenting on my video, telling me y’know that they’re really
happy that I’m doing this that this is what they needed to get their boost up. 03:45
EDA: People are actually looking at me and saying holy crap I want to be like this girl,
and they don’t even realise how inspiring they are themselves to someone like me.