Prolonged fasting as a powerful way to regenerate and rebuild systems | Valter Longo

[Rhonda]: You mentioned the regeneration of the stem cells, so that’s the study that you’re referring to. You did this prolonged fasting for, I think it was like 48 to 72 hours in animals, and you showed that during that fasting state the white blood cells were…basically their populations decreased. And the reason they had […]

이효리 엄마 아빠도 몰라본 전설의 특수분장 체인지

If What if you could be someone else? What kind of life do you want to live? Gorgeous superstar? President or queen? A millionaire? A secret imagination that anyone has ever dreamed of become a reality Different faces, different occupations, different life It changes perfectly conceptual shift“No kidding“ “I did not really know” Amazing change […]