Yoga Lessons for the Overweight : Eagle Arms Yoga Poses for the Overweight

Bring your right arm across your body. Bring your left arm right near that elbow. So we’re looking to stretch out in our right shoulders. See if you can bring your right arm up. You can interlace your hands. Go ahead and interlace your hands and really stretch, opening between the shoulder blades. You can […]

What 16 Years In A Thai Prison Taught Me About Happiness with T M Hoy

Hi, I’m Guy Lawrence and you are listening to the guylawrence podcast. If you’re enjoying this content and you want to find out more and join me and come further down the rabbit hole, make sure you head back to the Awesome guys. Enjoy the show. Tim Hoy, welcome to the podcast. Thank you […]

What are Diet-Related Disorders? – Diabetes, Obesity and Coeliac Disease Explained

CHANTAL BUI VIET: Right at this moment, one in every six people across the world is suffering from hunger. One in six. That’s over a billion people, a thousand million men, women and children who don’t get enough to eat on most days. Then there’s the rest of us. About one person in five from […]