Nutrition: Protecting Yourself From Disease

We cannot prevent disease. We can protect
ourselves against disease. In spite of our best efforts, in spite of our best practices,
in spite of our best engagement in the world, we get sick. So what we can do is really get
sick in a well way. Wellness and health are really supported by a myriad of processes
in the body. It is by really paying attention to the body’s whole system of maintaining
a balance that we protect ourselves against chronic illnesses like cancer. So cancer is
not the cause of disease, cancer is the result of the body’s inability to respond to the
stresses of living. So nutrition has a very important part to
play, but so do supportive relationships and so do the attitude or the way we find ourselves
belonging in our life, in our world. So do our being connected to something larger than
ourselves that makes us feel never abandoned. Of course having said all of that, my practice
is not all of the above, although I am cognoscente of that, it’s really nutrition; because
that’s the most accessible and the most tangible that I can focus on when somebody
comes here looking for wellness or looking for how to bridge the gap between what they
thought was life as usual and now this horrific blow to their integrity.