New Blood Test Can Predict A Heart Attack Years In Advance

The heart is a precious thing and heart health
is something we should all take pretty seriously. According to The Amercian Heart Association
(the AHA) close to half of the population of the US have some kind of heart disease. That’s a huge number. Heart disease is currently the leading cause
of death in the United States. Blood tests are the main way to get accurate
information about your heart health. So, if there was a way to predict if your
heart health was going to take a dive that would be great right? Well…researchers might have found one. Before we get into all things heart related,
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you never miss out on our daily videos! In this video we’re going to discuss this
amazing new blood test that can predict possible complications in heart health, but also the
ways in which you can keep your heart healthy and strong. As we’ve already pointed out, heart disease
is the #1 killer in the United States, so knowing when to listen to your heart and how
to take care of it should be top of mind. The blood test we’re going to talk about
may sound like a magical test, but recently researchers have discovered this test that
could possibly predict your future heart health. Predicting the possibility of having a heart
attack or stroke years in advance. Even if you currently have no signs of cardiovascular
disease. It’s called… The High Sensitivity Troponin I Test. Just like in the name this test is more sensitive
to certain enzymes in your heart called troponins. These enzymes are produced when your heart
becomes damaged. Health care professionals use tests like this
one to identify if someone is having a heart attack while experiencing chest pain. Hospitals in Sweden have been ahead of the
game for a few years now, using this new blood test. Turns out it’s about 10 times more accurate
than the original Troponin test used in most hospitals in the US. This newer, highly sensitive test can discover
heart attacks much earlier, and they can be treated much faster. Researchers were quite surprised when they
were studying this new, more sensitive blood test. Studies showed that after the patients first
heart attack, if they were treated with this new, highly sensitive blood test their risk
of heart attack in the future had decreased. Dr Holzmann who is the leader of this study
and an associate professor of Epidemiology in Sweden said “We didn’t think that the more
sensitive test would affect the risk of future heart attacks.” With this new information, Dr Holzmann supports
this new test and believes that more hospitals should start using it in the way they treat
heart attacks. Further research, with a new study conducted
showed this new blood test revealed that the High Sensitivity Troponin I Test could actually
predict future heart issues and cardiovascular events in healthy folks, of middle age or
older. Because this test is up to 10 times more sensitive
than previous bloods tests of the past, it has to ability to warn a potential patient
of many different types of issues that cause high troponin levels. However, there are many possibilities when
it comes to heart complications, whether it be clogged arteries, high blood pressure or
something else, so what exact cardiac events can this test detect that could suggest high
troponin levels? Well this test can predict issues such as
stoke, coronary heart disease, heart attacks and even heart failure. So far, this new blood test sounds pretty
amazing. Especially if you or someone you love has
a history of heart related issues. Having something that can predict how your
heart will behave in the future has helped many change their bad habits and adopt heart
conscious ways of living in order to minimize the risk. Although more information needs to be researched,
the outcomes thus far seem pretty positive. Heart disease is something that affects almost
half the population in the United States. So doing your part to live a clean and healthy
life can really make an impact when it comes to your heart. Unfortunately some of the risk factors are
out of our control, like age and a history of heart disease, but knowing the risks means
you can take necessary precautions to keep you heart healthy for as long as possible. Here are some of the things that can control,
that put you at risk of heart disease: SMOKING:
In case you needed another reason to kick the habit smoking will put you at a much higher
risk of heart disease than non smokers. Not only that but smoking is not only bad
for your health in general, but those around you. Being exposed to second-hand smoke could also
increase the risk of heart disease. Not to mention the obvious damage it does
to your lungs and how hard it can be to quit. If you’ve been thinking of ditching the
habit, the benefits and how great you’ll feel might surprise you. ALCOHOL
Ah yes, bad habits like smoking and drinking are something that pop up often when talking
about a person’s overall health. As time goes on studies are showing the true
effects booze can have on not only your heart health but the body in general, and they’re
ALCOHOLISM says men should stick to no more than 2 drinks per day, while women should
not surpass one. HIGH CHOLESTEROL
Managing your cholesterol has a lot to do with your diet and exercise. The more healthy your lifestyle the less bad
cholesterol (or LDL) cholesterol will be in your system. Things like saturated fats, and trans fats
can raise this bad cholesterol. So eating healthy (aka lots of veggies) and
getting enough exercise can do you a world of good. In the long run, your heart will thank you. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
Having high blood pressure means your heart is working overtime with no pay increase! It can also cause your heart to stiffen up
and not function as smoothly as it should. Which could then open the pandora’s box filled
with many other heart-related issues. STRESS
We’ve talked a lot about the many ways you can reduce stress on this channel, make sure
you check out the “Mental Health & Anxiety” playlist on our channel. Stress is something that can negatively impact
our minds and bodies in so many ways. Unfortunately life is full of stressful things,
but there are healthy ways of handling these stressful moments out there like meditation,
exercise and positive lifestyle changes. DIET AND EXERCISE
You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Eating right and staying active are two great
ways to help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Try to stay away from foods that are processed
and have empty calories, make sure your diet consists of whole foods that are full of nutrients
, vitamins and minerals your body needs. A heart-conscious diet could consist of things
like fish, lots of veggies, nuts and legumes, also limiting your intake of red meats and
sugary stuff. The world of medicine is advancing each and
everyday. This blood test is just another amazing step
forward. Even though new discoveries are being made
every day in the medical world, you can still help out your heart each and everyday by applying
some of those tips we just listed. Did you enjoy this video? Are you someone who’s very heart-conscious? Did you know about this amazing blood test
before you saw this video? What are some heart friendly habits you stick
to in your daily routine? Why not let us know in the comments section
below all the ways you love your heart.