Haleem Recipe Healthy or UNHEALTHY | حلیم ہدایت

alaykumu as-salam ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to tell about the most popular dish of Ramadan Is haleem healthy or unhealthy ? Before you know how much haleem is healthy or unhealthy You should know this before What are the ingredients used in making haleem If you see the ingredients list of haleem, should look like You will find variety of lentils in it The lentils commonly used are Green gram, Split Bengal gram , Split Red Lentil Barley , whole wheat etc All these are sources of carbohydrates During Ramadan day-time, when we don’t consume anything Body doesn’t get energy After Iftar when you eat specially carbohydrates in this case we are talking about haleem which contains carbohydrates When you eat haleem, you get energy You should know one thing carbohydrates are primary source of energy in our body Now you may have a question that what does primary source of energy means Primary source of energy means Body is able to utilize carbohydrates readily and fast Due to which body instantly produces energy next ingredients in haleem is chicken or red meat If we use chicken then we call it chicken haleem If we use red meat then we call it mutton haleem Now both chicken and red meat are sources of protein and whenever we cook haleem at our house talking about protein content chicken or mutton quantity in simple words That’s specially very less accordingly to our needs You can request your family members that you need to consume slightly more chicken or mutton As you know that whether you are gaining weight or losing weight anything according to your goal protein plays a vital role Whenever you do workout, there are micro-tears in the muscles protein helps to repair the micro-tears and then your body grows and recovers finally Note down the point If you are using chicken then no problem If you having heart related issues and using read meat then it may cause trouble for you because red meat contains high amount of saturated fat According to FDA guidelines your daily intake of saturated fat You shouldn’t consume more than twenty grams a day Otherwise you may have heart issues The good news is Saturated fat is linked to testosterone level this means that If you consume saturated fat within limits Saturated fat will boost your testosterone levels and sex drive which is very essential Testosterone is very important those who are working out in the gym Testosterone helps in muscle building or fat loss goals You can easily achieve your fat loss or muscle building goals If your testosterone levels are healthy in body Follow me on my social media Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat at amitphysique Subscribe and tap the bell icon Next variety of spices are used in haleem For example like red chilli powder , ginger cilantro, onion Overall variety of spices is used All spices have it’s own benefits Specially you get vitamins and minerals from it which is very essential during Ramadan The bad thing or side effects of spices is that If you consume spices too much Then there are chances of stomach upset or stomach related issues If after eating haleem , you are having stomach issues then you can make a request to your family members that you want to consume less spices so that you don’t have any stomach issues during Ramadan Because it’s essential to keep your digestive system healthy Specially if you want to gain weight and build muscles You should keep your digestive system healthy as stated earlier in the video The sources of carbohydrates Barley , whole wheat etc used in haleem are sources of fibers Fibres will keep your digestive system healthy during Ramadan There are some healthy fats in Haleem like almond , cashew, walnut , peanuts etc is used in haleem preparation which are healthy source of fats Next ghee is used which is again a saturated fat and whose detail information I have mentioned previously in the video You should keep in mind that fats contain high amount of calories one gram contains around nine calories It’s very good specially for those who are facing difficulties in gaining weight These fats will help you to gain weight For more information click the card notification above Where I have created one Ramadan Workout and diet plan with PDF Contains full guide including video which will help you to gain weight during Ramadan Overall, we can say that Haleem is very high calorie dish which provides tremendous amount of energy to body during Ramadan which is also very important You can consume Haleem in dinner after exercise Don’t consume haleem before workout The reason behind is the fats contained in haleem The fats takes longer to digest You should know that fats take longer time to digest in body So I would recommend you to consume Haleem in dinner I have already mentioned this on Ramadan video You will find chicken biryani in dinner instead you can consume chicken haleem or mutton haleem accordingly Thank you so much for subscribing Please Like the video if you found the video useful Comment below if you have any kind of doubt You can connect with my social media specially Instagram and Facebook Page Where I make important fitness announcements And I keep you way ahead in fitness Peace . Love you guys This is Amit , signing off