Emotionally Overweight: 14b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Suppose there is a slight increase in my weight The weighing machine will indicate, is it not? Thereafter, immediate steps will be taken. I can see that here also. When I think too much it feels heavy as though I am bearing the weight of the world. As if I need to run the show. I feel so tired thinking of it when somebody is not doing their job properly or something else is going wrong. Emotional weight has increased. How do we start dieting now? We need to reduce the weight and remain light. If physically the body puts on a lot of weight Basic activities like standing sitting and walking become difficult for the same body. Activities that were natural now seem difficult. Earlier we could run. We could lift heavy objects but now our weight has increased. So sitting and standing become difficult. Even knees start aching due to excess weight. Even blood pressure gets affected by weight. So an increase in weight affects so many parameters. So now should we heal the knee, treat blood pressure and so on? Or should we reduce weight? So you came back to watching the diet. Let us reduce our weight from here (mind) else it will affect everything. If my thoughts are getting heavy, there is heavy thinking Suppose we get critical about somebody, we go on criticizing. It becomes our nature and then we start criticizing everybody. “How could you say that to me last night? I could not sleep the whole night.” “He said something nasty 7 days ago so for the last 6 days I haven’t even slept.” “He said something 10 years ago and I have held on to that.” So the mind has become heavy, is it not? It is all accumulated and there has been heavy thinking. We have to check, “Is my thought heavy or light?” How am I feeling after creating that thought? Yes it feels heavy. How do I make it light? How do we reduce weight? We need to cut down is it not? We need to reduce it. This thought is hurting me. Regardless of what the other person said. Even if I was right and he was wrong. but this thought is harming me. Why can’t I understand this as clearly as I understand when physically a weighing machine shows overweight. When physical weight increases its first consequence It shows in my physical appearance. So I say I am not looking as nice as I used to look, because my weight has increased. So it first affects physical beauty. Second, it affects physical health parameters. Third, my routine activities that I would easily manage starts to slow down,
and issues crop up. So things get affected – beauty, health and activities. Likewise when my thoughts are heavy, first my inner beauty gets affected. A soul which was blissful by nature which was beautiful Its nature changes to that of anger and irritation So inner beauty reduces and it reflects on the face too. Second, my emotional health starts getting disturbed. My every activity, whether it is relationships, career and other small tasks, they all get affected. Because my emotional health is disturbed. Because I held on to that thought. As my emotional health decline, my weight increases further. Because now I don’t have the strength left, to let go of situations that I face. The weaker my emotional health gets, the more I hold on to things. Whenever there is a situation some people get anxious and eat too much, take medicines, cigarette, alcohol, or even chew tobacco. When emotional health declines, even physical health will decline due to it. When so many things are involved, we need to be aware of the consequences of what we are doing. If I want happiness I cannot afford to hold this thought. I cannot. I just have to tell myself “Even if the whole world is wrong, I am right in anything.” I cannot afford to oldest thought because there are so many consequences. Then I have no right to say that I want peace. No, it is not about I don’t have the right to say. I am saying one thing but doing something else. Then how can I want peace? I just have to tell myself that I will not get it even if I want it. I won’t get it. Because I have held onto something else. If I am having something in my hand and I say I want to actually hold something else First I have to release whatever I’m holding. I can only hold one thing at a time, either this or that. Holding one thing but wanting to hold something else? Reminds me of the story of a monkey which put its hand into a jar of peanuts. Its hand was so full that it could not take out the hand back. It had to release a few peanuts. In order to take its hand out of the jar. The monkey wanted freedom is it not? If I also want freedom Freedom from pain, restlessness and worry I want to feel light, free and independent. I need to release things from my mind. Let go in the sense – thinking and holding on damaging for me. Only if it lets go of a few peanuts, the monkey can take out its hand from the jar. Else the hand will be stuck within and cannot come out. But if it thinks that despite holding on to all the peanuts it can still take its hand out, that is not possible. Likewise I have to decide quickly. What do I want? If I have held on to hatred towards somebody And then if I go to temple, mosque, gurdwara or to a Saint seeking peace, it will not happen. If I release date, I will not need to go anywhere. Everybody is facing this issue. Just let go of the thought and you will experience your own nature of peace. We are searching for something which is already here. Searching is also not an issue. We meet nice people and listen to good words from them. Whatever we heard from them, we also need to implement them. Is it not? Let’s say somebody is watching this TV program. They will say, “Nice. I also want to do it.” Who will do it? Finally they will need to do it themselves. It will not go away like this. But every time I start thinking about it, I will have to put a full stop faster. The faster we start applying a full stop, the more that matter starts becoming weaker. We always need to remember – where attention goes, energy flows. Even if a seed is already sown, if you do not water it If you do not nourish it That seed loses its power. Where attention goes, energy flows. Like for example at the gym, when I exercise with dumbbells for my biceps, I pay attention to it. Even the instructor asks me to pay attention to it. Where attention goes, energy flows. That thing gets your energy. And where energy flows, things grow. You paid attention while exercising Energy flowed there and created what you wanted. 3 things – Attention goes, energy flows, things grow. This Garden did not get created just like that. Attention went in, it got energy and things grew. Today if you withdraw attention from it It doesn’t get attention, doesn’t get energy, so it withers away in a few days. It all dries up. Likewise, whatever issues are accumulated in the mind, just withdraw your attention from it. It is accumulated and not getting out of the mind. Does not matter. Withdraw your attention from it. So do not let that issue get your energy. Suppose you notice something in a person right now You said you find it wrong. Don’t pay attention. Do not pay attention here means do not think about it. It will be visible and audible. But your mind should not go towards it. Because we will be seeing such things happening around us today. We listen to news and we see people. Watching and hearing it is different from registering it on the mind. The moment something gets registered on the mind It means I have started to pay my attention to it I have started to give my energy to it So that issue starts growing in my mind now. Remember the whole day – where attention goes, energy flows, things grow. Withdraw attention from anything that is damaging or toxic. Now whatever is the new Sanskar we want to create, let attention go there. I am a peaceful soul – we never paid attention to this. We always said, “I get very angry I get very angry.” “Why do I get angry? “Why do I think negative?” “I cannot control it. I am not a nice person.” “A bad person is who I am.” Where did my attention go? Where did the energy flow? I just kept cursing myself. Energy kept flowing and that thing kept happening. Now just one thought – “I am a blissful being.” Being Bliss can become our mantra. This is me. Just by saying Om Shanti, nothing will change. We need to take something concrete. Whatever I want to become. Mantra means what I become. The mind should get completely absorbed in it. Not just absorbed by the word, but become that by nature. This should be my mantra. This is me, this is me, this is I. Where attention goes, it will happen. How much attention to pay to an issue I have to choose. The more we start doing this, the more we finish all the old issues that we have held on to. We need to re-emerge our original sanskars. So first of all we need to remember our original sanskars. Like you said last time, “This is my nature.” I am a Sagittarian, so these are my traits and this is my nature. Not only that. Even what I see in me the whole day. The way I speak, do things or think. And I said this is my nature. But this is not my nature. Suppose there is a black stain on this kurta. You will not say the kurta is black in color. You will say it is white but it just has a black stain on it. So original color is the original nature. So what is MY nature (nature of I, the soul)? These 7 qualities are my nature. So we need to pay attention the whole day that this is my nature, and everything else are stains. Everything else are stains on the soul. Original nature is what we are searching for. But now we do not need to search. We just need to remember “This is my original nature.” Peace, purity, power, love, knowledge, happiness and bliss. Being bliss. In Hindi – Sukh, Shanti, Shakti, Prem, Pavitrata Gyan, Anand I, the soul an embodiment of these. It is my nature. We need to remember all these the whole day When we have this information, what kinds of thoughts arise in the mind? Earlier if we said, “I get very angry.” now we will automatically say, “I am a peaceful soul.” When our thought is, “I am a peaceful soul.” how will the feeling be? Like you said at the beginning of the show, “I am feeling blissful today.” If we repeatedly think about being bliss, being peace So our feeling changes because thought creates feelings. When feelings change what happens to our attitude towards our self? Earlier our attitude was negative. We felt we were not good or nobody is happy with us. Now – I am a pure soul. Attitude. This morning water in the shower was very hot. I just had to switch the button to get cold water. The being bliss you are talking about, is that also equally easy? We just need to do one thing – whatever we want, think of only that. I didn’t want the water to be so hot so I wanted cold water. I could do it easily by turning the button. Beautiful. Now if you want cold water but standing under a stream of hot water And wanting cold water Complain also that water is so hot whereas you wanted it cold. Similarly we want peace. So what should we create? What should we think and how should we speak? Shift. How should our actions be? Even if you get angry at someone, remind yourself, “But peace. I want peace.” So what will I have to do? Switch immediately. Switch immediately from being critical or judgmental, to becoming accepting. Say, “Okay, enough”. With that, my mind starts becoming peaceful. Even if it questions, “Why is he like this, why is it that way?” They are like that because it is their sanskar. Thought changed, feeling changed and calmness set in. I will not be able to get this peace anywhere. It is not there. It is a choice in my every thought.