Bouncer Denies Entry To Overweight Woman | What Would You Do? | WWYD

(music playing) I’m feeling good tonight. It keeps spinning around this place. It’s Friday night in Atlanta, It’s your birthday! Hey! and Slim and her best friend, Santressia- -Go, girl!- -are out to celebrate at their favorite spot, Havana Club But things are a little different tonight. There’s a new doorman at the velvet rope. Our actor, Andy. And tonight, he’s taking body shaming- Let’s hold it right there. Alright. -to the ugliest level. This is Havana Club. Not the Biggest Loser. If you saw this woman, denied and ridiculed, simply because of her weight, -It’s not gonna happen. What would you do? It’s her birthday, it’s her birthday- -Uh, Whoa, whoa, whoa, Yeah, you’re gonna need to stop right there, ladies. Weight Watchers is down the street. -Are you serious? Look at her. What’s that? That’s all it takes. Immediately, these two men speak up. Would you dance with her? This is a classy club, and they hired me to- Even if he has the right to deny entry, they say, he should be nicer about it. It’s fine if you don’t wanna let her in. It’s your choice, but the way you said it, It– just– incredibly wrong, man. No human should treat another human being like that. -I decide who goes in and who doesn’t. Throughout the night, people have different ways of dealing with our doorman. Some even tell a little white lie. D’you mean– y-you know each other? What’s her name? She actually makes up a name. But Andy’s not buying it. I’m gonna let you guys in, but not her, okay? And now, she’s not going in without her. She weighs as much as all 3 of you combined. That’s not fair! What the **** are you talking about? Just look at her.