Hello Everyone! This is Namrah Irfan Khan and you are watching Buzz Around With Namrah Today we are going to talk about some of the foods that are highly effective for fat loss So without wasting anymore time lets get started with our first food i.e Green Tea yes whenever I talk about weight loss whenever I talk about weight management so green tea is my first option because green tea has such antioxidants that helps in weight loss and weight management and they yes you know cut down the fat from your body If you drink green tea so It has caffeine as well not more than coffee but yes it does have caffeine which improves your brain functionality whenever you drink green tea you will realize that you feel refreshed other than that green tea has some anti oxidants that fights cancer so if you haven’t started drinking green tea yet so please do start drinking green tea and it really helps you in a long run Now lets move to our next food i.e Yogurt yes yogurt is high in protein. It also improves your digestive system If you add yogurt in your diet so it improves your digestive system and you know when your digestive system works properly so it will have positive effects on your health yogurt is highly preferably when it comes to skin care routine because yogurts contains some enzymes that kills the bad bacteria in your skin and makes your skin firm and smooth so if you haven’t added yogurt in your skin care routine or in your diet its too late because it is a very very effective food for you if you want fat loss or weight loss and if you want your skin to glow so please add yogurt in your diet and skin care routine Now lets move to our next food i.e Orange and everybody knows that oranges are rich in Vitamin C and all those foods which are rich in Vitamin C it should be the part of your diet because Vitamin C helps you know cleaning all the toxins from your body all those toxins that can harm your health it flushes out all of them Vitamin C also boost your immune system that saves your from number of diseases You must have seen a lot of people suffers from cold and you know germs attack just because there immune system is not strong Other than that If you are in early thirties so you should definitely eat those foods that are rich in Vitamin C because it slows down the process of aging such as wrinkles. It slows down that process other than that lets move to out next food i.e Whole wheat Grains yes all those foods which contains whole wheat grains add those in your diet and I have seen whenever people start dieting so they think of leaving bread Skipping bread is not an option Bread provides you energy because it has fiber and fiber provides you energy you know to perform your daily routine activities So when ever you plan to diet so please don’t skip fiber or wheat eat one bread but please eat because it has those protein and minerals that makes you feel full for a longer period of time yes it definitely do so Now lets move to next food i.e Chicken Chicken is high in lean protein that plays a vital role in your health If you want your weight loss and it has protein so obviously it is very effective in your muscle growth and its development as well so please do add all these foods in your diet Green Tea Chicken and yogurt oranges please add these foods in your diet Other than that if you want fat loss so please take eight hours of sleep everyday Other than that drink a lot of water and please add all these foods in your diet you will definitely be able to have your fat loss so this is it from my side I’ll be meeting you in my next video pretty soon if you like this video so please don’t forget to like share and comment on my video and if you find my videos useful so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I’ll be meeting you in my next video I wish you all a very happy and healthy life Take care and Babye